4 Practical Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Kids

4 Practical Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Kids

There’s nothing like the joy of raising outdoorsy kids. As they grow, you get to watch them explore the world with wide eyes and open arms. When holidays and birthdays come around, the right presents can encourage their adventurous spirit and help them create fantastic memories everywhere they go. Find inspiration with these practical gift ideas for outdoorsy kids.

Their Own Hammock

It’s hard to find a kid—or an adult, for that matter—who doesn’t love spending time in a hammock. Gifting your kid their own hammock is a great way to give them a little more independence on camping trips and other outdoor adventures, as they get to have their own space to relax and hang out. Plus, with a variety of colors and styles available, it’s easy to find a hammock that feels like it truly belongs to your outdoorsy kid.

A Cool Trucker Hat

When we say cool, we mean literally and figuratively. After all, the best outdoor gear is both functional and stylish—and trucker hats are the best of both worlds! With a mesh backing and a sun-blocking bill, trucker hats help keep kids cool and comfortable when they’re outside. Find trucker hats for kids with a fun design or their favorite colors to give them an accessory they’ll want to wear every time they leave the house.

A Camera

Let your kids capture their own memories from every adventure when you give them their very own camera. You can get small, kid-friendly digital cameras in different colors. If your kid loves spending time in the water, then an underwater camera is also a fantastic gift. Alternatively, give them something retro and fun with a camera that instantly prints photos.


From watching wildlife to checking out distant views, binoculars are a must-have tool for any outdoor adventurer. A high-quality pair of binoculars is a good gift for serious explorers, but even younger kids with a budding interest in nature can enjoy a kid-friendly pair. This is a great gift idea for outdoorsy kids who have a particular interest in wildlife, although they can also be useful for hunting, watching outdoor sports, or just taking in the gorgeous surrounding views.

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