2 Top Tips for Staying Warm When Camping This Winter

2 Top Tips for Staying Warm When Camping This Winter

There are two kinds of people: those who run inside at the first sign of snow and those who embrace the winter fun. If you fall into the latter category, you know how stunning the winter wilderness can be. From gorgeous walks through hushed, snowy forests to the extra touch of coziness you feel when gathering around a campfire in the cold, winter camping is an experience like no other. However, even the greatest adventures come with challenges. Safety is the key to any successful camping trip. Make sure you’re ready with these top tips for staying warm when camping this winter.

Warm, Dry Clothes Are Essential

There’s no understating the importance of layers. Without the warm, dry clothes, you’ll spend your entire trip feeling cold and miserable. Proper layers are also an essential part of preventing frostbite or hypothermia. Be sure to pack enough clothes to layer up every day. Also, bring a few spare outfits so that you can change into something dry after a few hours out in the snow and ice. Don’t forget the accessories, either. Thermal socks, sturdy gloves, and your cozy Colorado beanie will make any cold day more comfortable. For extra warmth on your feet and hands, bring along a pack of hand warmers that you can hold or tuck into your boots while you’re just hanging out around the campsite.

Pitch the Tent Right

The scenery might be cold, but your camp doesn’t have to be. One of the top tips for staying warm when camping this winter is to have a cozy base to come back to at the end of the day. Come prepared with a winter tent, insulated sleeping bag, and other crucial equipment to keep everyone warm at the campsite. Keep in mind that smaller tents are easier to keep warm. You can also add a little extra insulation to your tent by placing a tent carpet or rugs on the floor. Remember that what you put inside your tent is just as important as the tent itself. A heavy-duty winter sleeping bag, liners, and sleeping pads can keep you warm through the night, which means you’ll be ready to continue your winter adventures in the morning.

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