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7 Colorado Outdoor Gear Companies To Support This Summer

After a hard-hitting year for local businesses, the sun is starting to shine through the dark, and summer is here! As you’re gearing up for the long adventure-filled days ahead, show these local Colorado outdoor gear companies some love. Colorado is a hot spot for all things outdoors, so you won’t be disappointed with this selection of high-quality gear that’s made right where you live and play.

It’s no secret that Colorado is home to some of the bestoutdoor recreation in the country. But it’s easy to forget the many amazingoutdoor gear companies that have tested their products in the rocky mountains of Colorado. Even better, many of these brands are leading the charge when it comes to making outdoor gear more sustainable! And you might be surprised to find out how many big-name outdoor brands have a home base here in Colorado. Here are some of our favorites:

7 Colorado Outdoor Gear Companies To Support This Summer

Green Guru Gear

Based in Boulder, Green Guru Gear takes your old outdoor gear and makes it new again. Seriously. Using old outdoor gear that would have otherwise gone to the landfill (mainly bike tires, wetsuits, and even billboard materials), they craft durable and sustainable packs, bags, and accessories. We’re big fans- and we’ve gotten to collaborate with them on someeco-friendly YoColorado gear. One of our favorite pieces ofoutdoor gear for the summer? Their insulated can sleeve. Now you can strap your cold beverage of choice onto your bike for a refreshing drink all summer long!

Bentgate Mountaineering

Tucked in the heart of downtown Golden, you’ll find a one-stop shop for all the gear you need this summer. ThisColorado outdoor gear company carries all the essentials for camping, hiking, and more. Plus, they’re outfitted with the equipment to make custom footbeds for hiking and running shoes. Don’t forget about them when winter rolls around either-Bentgate is known for their great ski and snowboard tuning services. You can also find some original YoColorado gear in stock- like ourupcycled climbing rope belts!

Big Agnes

This is one of the manyColorado outdoor gear companies that’s made it into the spotlight! Big Agnes has a reputation for some of the best sleep systems and tents out there. They’re based in Steamboat Springs and have gained a loyal following from manyColorado outdoor enthusiasts. They’re constantly innovating with new features. And they’re working to make their gear more sustainable with the use of recycled materials. Tired of falling off of your sleeping pad at night? They created a line of “system” sleeping bags that have a slot for your pad to slide into. Side sleeper? Try their new Sidewinder sleeping bag- it was created specifically for those of us that sleep on our sides. And if you’re in the market for a new tent for those perfect Colorado summer nights, check out their MtnGlow series. You’ll find a string of lights that gently illuminate the inside of the tent. 

Alchemy Bicycles

You’ll find the Alchemy Bikes showroom and factory in the Mile High City. Based in Denver, Alchemy has been on a mission to make the “world’s best bicycles” since they opened their doors in 2008. Now, they offer an impressive line of mountain, road, gravel, and even e-bikes. Taking engineering to another level, they handcraft their bikes from carbon and titanium. And they have an in-house paint studio. The result? Some of the most beautiful and quality bikes around. They’ve received many awards, such as the Best Carbon Construction at the NA Handmade Bikes Show. We’ve had the chance to partner with Alchemy on some custom apparel designs, and we can attest to the fact that there’s good people behind the frames as well!

Close-up image of a YoColorado jacket made in collaboration with Colorado outdoor gear company Alchemy Bikes

Zeal Optics

300 days of sunshine a year in Colorado means that a good pair of sunglasses is in order. Zeal Optics, based in Boulder, is a top pick forColorado outdoor gear companies when it comes to finding the right pair of shades. They’ve got top-notch technology that creates some of the best sunglasses for outdoor adventures. Plus plenty of styles that are great for happy hour too. Zeal has become a well known name for top notch eye protection, and you can visit them in-person at their store in downtown Boulder. They’re also creating some of the most sustainable sunglasses on the market. Zeal uses plant-based materials to make their frames and is a 1% For the Planet company. They’ve also recently created a line of sunglasses made entirely from grass fibers and recycled plastics.


Mountainsmith was founded in Golden and has called the Rocky Mountains of Colorado home ever since its inception in 1979. The company began to create durable gear to hold up in the mountains, and that’s what they’re known for today. A top choice for frequent hikers, backpackers, and mountaineers, Mountainsmith’s gear is made to last. Check out Mountainsmith if you’re looking for backpacks, tents, and gear storage that’ll last long past the wear and tear of a Colorado summer. Oh, and they’ve got stuff for your furry friends too. Mountainsmith was the first outdoor gear company to create a pack specifically for dogs! One of the firstColorado outdoor gear companies, Mountainsmith was also one of the first outdoor gear companies to start making backpacks with sustainable materials, back in 2006. They continue to push the boundaries today, creating eco-friendly gear that’s durably built for long-lasting use.

When you’re shopping around for those outdoor essentials this summer, do your best to support local gear first! These and the countless otherColorado outdoor gear companies that are based in the Centennial State will appreciate the support.

Did you know? YoColorado has an eye for eco-friendly apparel as well! Check out ouryoga pants made from recycled plastic bottles right here in Colorado. And don’t forget to pack a reusablewater bottle for your next hike.

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Karen Williams
Karen Williams

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