May 02, 2017

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As Denver natives there are certain things only we understand that others might not get. Like this list for example.

2. You know what somebody means by “The dog food smell on I-70.”

3. You were terrified of this place as a kid.

4.  You can get sunburn and frostbite in the same day.

5. You don’t understand why everyone thinks this guy is scary?!?!

6. This is normal to you.

denver meme3

7. You Remember Watching Blinky’s fun Club every morning as a kid.


8. Your sense of direction is toward the mountains and away from the mountains.

9. This sight reminds you of home every time you see it.

10. Late night adventures at Lookout Mountain.

11.  You grew up planning you Halloween costumes around your coat.

halloween meme

12. You look forward to winter as much as you do summer.


13. This commercial will forever be etched in our minds


14. You sneaked into the Cinderella Twin drive in at least once in your lifetime.

cinderalla city drive in

15. Coming home from mountain excursions.

space house polaroid_template

16. You remember the original Mile High Stadium and Big Mac.

mile high meme

17. Shorts, flip flops and a hoodie are year round attire.

shorts hoodie

18. You have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.


19. Win, lose, or tie it’s Broncos til we die!


20. You understand that it is a privilege to live in our beautiful state.


21. You have the best chili cheese fries in the world!

chubbys meme

22. You only come here for the Entertainment, nothing else….oh wait and the sopapillas.

casa bonita meme

23. You laugh at people that refer to the north side as the highlands.

downtown view from highland bridge lofts

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